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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell raw milk?

We only sell pasteurised milk through the vending machine. The milk has been gently heated to kill any harmful bacteria.

Are bottles provided?

We hope you will buy a reusable glass bottle from us to keep the process as environmentally friendly and sustainable as possible.

What do you mean by free range?

Our milk is free range. We try to maximize the time the cows spend outside grazing in the Great Dalby pastures and in the spring and summer our cows have the freedom to roam around both night and day from field to field. Grazing is good for our cows and good for our milk. During the deep winter months the grass almost stops growing and becomes extremely wet, meaning we need to house our cows inside and feed them with the grass we have conserved as silage and straw over the summer months.

You say your milk is not homogenised or standardised, what does this mean?

Homogenisation is a process by which the fat globules from milk are broken down into a smaller and more uniform size preventing them from rising to the top. Research has shown that changes to fat molecules in the milk can cause allergic reactions and make milk less digestible. Standardisation is a process where the cream and liquid component are re-blended to make milk that contains the exact amount (‘standard’) of fat required depending on whether it is whole, semi-skimmed, or skimmed. Low fat milk options tend to have less Vitamin A and Vitamin E

Where do I buy your milk from? 

The milk can be purchased from our specialist milk vending machine, located in the ‘Milk Shed’ at the corner of Top End and Station Road in Great Dalby, Leicestershire. The Milk Shed will be open from 7am-7pm everyday.

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